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There are many ways to recognize employees. Cash cards, merchandise, garments, and even simple words of encouragement can do the job….the list goes on and on. Good employees are vital to the success of your company, and retaining them is critical to your future. If you are not recognizing your top achievers, you risk losing the very people that make it all possible. It goes without saying that any recognition is good, as it shows your appreciation and motivates employees to reach new levels of achievement.The perfect gift to recognize outstanding accomplishments or commemorate special events!


Let GLS help you find or create the perfect gift to recognize outstanding accomplishments or commemorate special events!


GLS Group offers countless options with regard to styles, materials and price ranges.


Corporate awards may be standard or completely customized to suit your taste, needs or budgets.


Corporate awards can be designed to recognize sales or non sales accomplishments, training or certifications, employee of the month, supplier partnerships, or as a special retirement gift.


A customized corporate award is ideal for commemorating anniversaries, product or brand launches, and client successes. The options are endless!


A multitude of scientific and social studies have concretely shown that an employee's desire to be commended or acclaimed for their efforts have a substantially higher positive response than comparative monetary awards! Employees who feel appreciated in this manner are more likely to stay focused; paying close attention to the detail in their efforts knowing that their work is noticed by their management team, and that their efforts are having a positive impact on the company.


Cash vs Non-Cash Awards / Recognition
Cash Non-Cash
Salary Increases Awards
Profit Sharing Trophies
Stock Options Valuable Gifts
Additional Paid Vacation  
Cash Bonuses  
How Employees Value Awards...
Cash Non-Cash
Compensation In Addition to Salary
Entitlement Symbolic of Achievements
How Employees Use Awards...
Cash Non-Cash
Pay Bills Symbolize Personal Achievement
Buy Groceries Creates an Emotion
Long-Term Memory Buy Merchandise
  Bragging Rights
The Perceived Value...
Cash Non-Cash
Valued at Monetary Value Hold Immeasurable Value
Viewed as Income Employees Inflate Monetary Value
Taxable Organizations Spend Less
The Perceived Value...
Cash Non-Cash
Nothing to Show for Achievements Long-Term Memory
Short-Term Memory Trophy Effect
Sacrifices Long-Term Impact Increased ROI
  Increased Performance

The idea of employee recognition award programs is to say "thank you," "well done," "we value you as an employee." This rationale differs from the goals and objectives of other aspects of the total compensation. Salary is payment for doing the job; benefits are designed to protect the employee's well-being; short and long-term incentives direct and reward the achievement of specific performance goals. For an Employee Recognition Award program to work, it must be custom-made to fit your organization's culture and must show creative flexibility over time so that the employees recognize thought and effort from management's behalf, which matches the care and effort they put into their work. This creates mutual respect, better relationships and a happier and more productive staff for the company.


GLS Group would be happy to discuss how we can help you to achieve these goals and create a better and more productive work environment for everyone!