For over twenty years we at GLS Group have been dedicated to serving our clients' recognition and incentive requirements. Sales incentives, service awards or safety incentives; we strive to identify exactly what our clients need. Ultimately our programs, products and services are custom tailored to satisfy those needs on a personalized basis.

Custom On-line Award Redemption Site Programs Include

Incentive Award Program Objectives

To be successful; incentive programs must have a clearly stated objective with measureable results.


Examples include:


Recognition Award Program Objectives

Examples include:


Getting Results:

With knowledge of our clients' goals, employees and clients we will provide customized a program, to include product suggestions, and all associated services. Customized recognition & incentive award programs are designed to help our clients achieve their specific goals/objectives.


Custom Solutions:

We know that no two organizations have the same cliental, employees, needs, tastes, interests and goals. GLS Group's dedicated account representative will work to learn your audiences' profiles to best suggest effective customized solutions.



Our services include item and program design, maintenance, peripheral materials, product presentation materials and literature, as well as packaging and labeling for ease of distribution. Our services aim to minimize freight costs and administration time for our clients.



GLS Group offers countless products from countless manufacturers. It is GLS Group' responsibility to introduce new products, processes and services to our clients on a regular basis. GLS Group also designs, creates and distributes peripheral materials including program outlines, rules and guidelines, certificates, letters of appreciation/congratulations, special presentation packaging, etc.




Online Award Redemption Sites include


We frequently up-date the functions and features of our websites based on user feedback and as technology improves.




At GLS, we are happy to format and send redemption reports with whatever frequency that is requested by our clients. Our administrative system is live on the internet and as transactions occur, the program database files are automatically updated. Reports are generated as requested and are as up-to the minute as the last entry made.


Reports may include any / all of the following:


If you would like to discuss how GLS Group can help you to generate a successful employee recognition program please give us a call at 800.955.9435 or click here and we will be happy to contact you!